Ancient Lost City Relic Hunter Apk (v1.0.6) For Android


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Game NameAncient Lost City Relic Hunter Apk
Android Version4.1 and up
User Reviews3.5 out of 5 Stars
Current Versionv1.0.6
last update
03 Marcha 2020
Size 63 MB
Google PlaystoreGoogle Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Ancient Lost City Relic Hunter Apk?

Professor Isaac a rogue archaeologist had stolen ancient artifacts from the Egyptian Museum along with armed mercenaries. His hunger for immortality is forcing him to lose his purity. You are a member of the Secret Guardian Society, their life mission is to save humanity from great danger. The ancient lost city relics play Hunter and save mankind from the curse.

Ancient Lost City Relic Hunter Apk

The professor and his army of assassins are guarding the ancient city in the Tibet Valley. The evil scientist is on a remote mountain at the ancient temple waiting for midnight. When the moonlight brings charm to ancient artifacts. A mysterious myth or cult is famous about the temple. The person who puts the lost artifacts on the crown will be granted immortality. Raid the lost city by charging enemies with acrobatic gunplay and unleash a barrage of bullets to stop this madness. Man is prohibited from revealing certain myths and mysteries. But the greed for power and immortality forces them to break the rules. Wake up as an attacker to steal the long-forgotten artifact of all dangerous traps.

Ancient Lost City Relic Hunter Apk

The tomb is well guarded by armed mercenaries in the lost city maze. The Raiders run away from armed guards to locate the temple and remain invisible. Uncover the secrets of the city’s labyrinth ruins and tracks. Ancient civilization forms deadly traps to end the invasion of foreign invaders. Survive the killer in the darkest hour of life, reach the lost temple. The craft fulfills its secret guardian duty by restoring the balance between good and evil. Stay in stealth mode like shinobi inside the ruins of the city from deadly assassins. Armed guards across the mausoleum are patrolling around the temple. Action-packed shooting game with priceless artifacts to stop the evil scientist, run to the Redding Tomb and the temple. Weapon theft from enemies such as sniper guns, assault rifles, and automatic pistols. Do not be insulted and insulted for coping with enemy gunmen as shinobi. Rise like a warrior from a survival mission brings light to the secret parent society by saving human remains as real relic hunters.

Long-forgotten civilization with more secrets and important levels to come soon

Ancient Lost City Relic Hunter Apk

The Features Of Ancient Lost City Relic Hunter Apk

Breathtaking story mode with discovering the deepest and darkest secret of the tomb
Stop the barrage of bullets by charging enemies with acrobatic gunplay
Best survival game by surviving death trap and deadly bullets in an enemy boss fight
Exciting third-person shooting experience with sniper gun, assault rifle, and automatic pistol
Survive the cycle of monks and cult members upside down
Endless fun and thrilling experience like never before in a tomb raid game
Frantic combat with real-time third-person shooting experience

If you are a fan of survival games with third-person action-adventure then this game will blow your senses.

What’s New in Recent Update?

Gameplay Improved

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