Angry Crocodile Family Simulator Apk (v1.0) For Android


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Game Name Angry Crocodile Family Simulator Apk
Android Version 4.2 and up
Category Lifestyle
User Reviews 4.0 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.o
last update
09 February 2020
Size  39 MB

What’s the Specialty of Angry Crocodile Family Simulator Apk?

Hunt and attack on the huge ice coast in the new crocodile simulator game. Many crocodile beach hunting and crocodile city rampage missions await you in crocodile simulator 2019: beach and city attack 3D fighting action. The best game of crocodile in 2019 in this animal attack game controls your giant crocodile hunter and crawls along swallowing his prey.

Angry Crocodile Family Simulator Apk

Bored of crocodile family and crocodile water fun games? Be a grumpy monster who can attack anything on a beach or land with a huge-sized sharp jaw in water. This is clearly an easy task by hunters ready to shoot on sight with a crocodile survival 3D simulator. In the game of crocodile attack, attacking people on boats or bathing on the beach. Hunt or be a victim! What will you do for survival? Play this crocodile sim and never experience much in other animal simulator games or crocodile simulator games.

Beach hunt

Start hunting on the city’s beach, causing some havoc and stampede and holding people tight. No one should avoid and complete all the beach hunting mission attack game 3d of this crocodile simulator. Your crocodile is alive in the beach area, as police shooters are ready to shoot and hunt this animal with a crocodile game. The starving crocodile attack is about revenge in the seawater by an angry crocodile. This crocodile simulator game is different from crocodile and dinosaurs or crocodile and shark games. This swamp crocodile sim is a terrible story of an angry hungry crocodile with this crocodile fighting game. Survive in the beach and jungle forest in the best game for 2019 with real crocodile simulator attack games.

Crocodile City Attack

Experience the thrill of attacking a forgotten prey. Chase your prey out of the water as a wild crocodile. Swamp crocodiles have to show their hunting expertise or this game to build their crocodile attack skills and control their ferocious crocodile which is not available in the game of crocodile family. Crocodile Simulator 2019 is specially designed for city attack. Hunters have spears, guns, and rifles for attack and hunting. Use your combat skills in the water and on the surface of the beach. You will also fight other hungry crocodiles that are on seawater in the wild simulator. This crocodile attack game is the best in the category of 3D animal simulator games. 3D game in a crocodile attack, immersive open-world crocodile game environment with a stunning wild animal fighting game. Crocodile survival on the beach and fighting in the city will be a joy.

Angry Crocodile Family Simulator Apk

The Main Features of Angry Crocodile Family Simulator Apk

Big hungry animated 3d crocodile
To hunt people, animals, hunters and more
Crocodile Beach Hunting
Crocodile attack in city missions
Lots of sound effects and amazing visuals
Best Crocodile Attack Simulator 2019
Beautifully designed 3D graphics
Amazing water environment
Crocodiles swim, swamp and fight
Hungry Angry Crocodile Attack 3D
Action-packed crocodile treats
Realistic crocodile simulator
Many game modes for offline entertainment
Crocodile Survival Simulation
Simulator game animal crocodile
Fantastic in the category of crocodile simulator games

Angry Crocodile Family Simulator Apk

What’s New in The Last Updated Version?

New levels added.
game optimized.
graphics enhanced.

Download Apk (39 MB)

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