Asia Empire 2027 Apk (vAE.2.5.5) For Android


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Game Name Asia Empire 2027 Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Strategy
User Reviews 4.2 out of 5 Stars
Current Version vAE.2.5.5
last update
14 October 2020
Size  64 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Asia Empire 2027 Apk?

Become the greatest leader of the Asian empire!
Select your country you want to lead (50 countries available!) And play against smart AI enemies. With excellent leadership skills, strategy and tactics, you can lead your country to victory.

Asia Empire 2027 Apk

Do you have what it takes?

It is the year 2027 and the current government launched a major revolt.
As the new leader, your goal is to eventually become the supreme leader.
Using everything from diplomacy to war, you should try to build an empire, both financially and militarily superior to all others.
Are you ready to lead, Supreme Commander?

The Features Of Asia Empire 2027 Apk

Diplomacy and the United Nations
Weapons Suppliers (USA, European Union, Russia, and China)
Detective Center
war Room
World News (Economy, Relations, Detective and War)
artificial intelligence

Asia Empire 2027 Apk

Available Weapons:
Macanese, Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), tanks, artillery, anti-air missiles, helicopters, fighter jets, ships, submarines, fighting robots, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aircraft carriers and ballistic missiles.

Playable Countries:
Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Maldives Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan Pakistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen
Your country vs 49 other AI countries –

All our Empire 2027 strategy games are updated regularly and we are working on new, exciting themes and modes.

Asia Empire 2027 Apk

Multiplayer options
The game supports single-player and multiplayer modes.
Up to 7 human players + 21 Artificial Intelligence (AI) players can play in each world. (Maximum 28 countries)
As the player can create and play in multiple worlds at the same time. (Choose and play)
Create and define your world: coalitions, map subject selection, deadlines, resources and more…

iGindis is its own way to make new friends around the world without language barriers.
Using our in-game automated translation messages will help everyone communicate and understand each other.

Asia Empire 2027 Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

* Updated country’s armies, relations, an economy based on real data.
* Improved referral & bonus system to invite friends and family to the game.
* Fixed bugs and continue to improve the Artificial Intelligence.
We plan to add many new options in the game scenarios/spy/diplomatic/war/weapons/technologies…
Your support important to us to continue developing.
Thank you,
iGindis Team

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