Bid Wars Pawn Empire Apk (v1.24.1) For Android


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Game Name Bid Wars Pawn Empire Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Strategy
User Reviews 4.4 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.24.1
last update
28 October 2020
Size  88 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Bid Wars Pawn Empire Apk?

Bidding on storage auctions, especially those that are enough to be a part of TV games, is a very good way to make money. And when your profit game achieves epic proportions, you can start your own business game and then become a city builder. This, of course, if you are not afraid to test your luck and business tycoon trend, then get a Dynamic Rich Rich game.

Bid Wars Pawn Empire Apk

If this is the case, then go full high in this ancient game! Use what you’ve learned in those famous TV show games, learn about your rivals who are noobies in profit game strategy, and who don’t know Jack about treasure hunting, and his valuable acquisition in his pawnshop Earn profit by selling Bid Wars Pon Empire is a garage sales game where you will learn the principles of the game of business. You will then transform into a rich and powerful collector of treasures in no time and become part of the club of masters in the game of profit! If you love the excitement of the TV show game, then this antics game will make your day.


PROFIT with your smart deals and unlock new buildings for your collection. Then, expand your city building business and earn even more money! It is really fun to be a business tycoon! Famous TV games also do not reward people for this amount! Hey, who knows? Maybe with this much money, you can make your own TV show game.

Without OUTBID your competition can be recreated at any other antique game such as an edge-in-seat storage auction. But don’t let the business game scare you. Enjoy intense gameplay as you choose and bid faster than your competitors at auctions all over the world! You will feel as if you are part of one of those famous TV games!

Enjoy your own pawn shop in this garage selling game, which brings all the stress and excitement of a TV game, and showcases your rare and valuable takeover. Get customers from all over the world to spend money on your business and make you rich!

Live through an ancient game with an entertaining storyline and engaging characters. Follow your quest to transform your downtrodden family business into a city-wide business empire filled with a plethora of twists! Leave the city builder and be the people who were waiting!

Garage sales are known in the sports world and can be seen by big names on the scene. You never know what kind of business people want to do business with you!

Enjoy a wide range of exotic items, from rare antiques you can restore to cars and boats that you can renovate and sell in an epic garage sale game!

Bid Wars Pawn Empire Apk

The story

The biggest rich game you’ve ever had, take part in every auction and don’t miss a single chance to bid. Amo your internal business tycoon and keep an eye on the treasure game competition. Some of these old old garages hide treasures beyond your wildest dreams! Try your luck, but never ignore your business instinct: they can make or spoil the bidder’s career! Always remember the stories of the TV show game hosts who lost everything overnight.

This rich game gives you a chance to become a rising star! Participate in big auctions, such as TV shows that take place in games, and deal with the good and bad attention you eventually get. Some big pawn shop moguls that specialize in the game of profits might not like the competition that represents your business. And when that happens, they will pull the strings to make sure your business game is finished in no time! Such problems come with the territory when you participate in games of profit. So be prepared to deal with it! Watching reality TV shows full of conflict can prepare you for these matters.

Start your own pawn shop TV game now and get ready to bid!

please pay attention! The game is free to play but includes items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Bid Wars Pawn Empire Apk

What’s New In The Last Updated Version?

Yo, bidders! New update live in da house!

We’ve tuned your favorite game with general optimizations and whacked bugs so you can focus on the good stuff: pimpin’ up that Pawn Shop!

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