Chipmunk’s Adventures Apk (v1.0.70) For Android


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Game Name Chipmunk’s Adventures Apk
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Puzzle
User Reviews 4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.0.70
last update
09 February 2020
Size  23 MB

What’s the Specialty of Chipmunk’s Adventures Apk?

This is an exciting free logic puzzle game where you have to pass the levels while playing as a chipmunk. With that, you will take a long journey through forest locations.
Use blocks and stone balls in your adventure to close pits, destroy traps, kill monsters, earn in-game currency, circumvent obstacles, and finally get walnuts.
Help your supervisor in this challenging adventure. Stock up on seeds and nuts for the winter.
Choose challenging Sokoban games and go through them all.

Chipmunk's Adventures Apk

The Features Of Chipmunk’s Adventures Apk

• 3 worlds with different difficulty levels.
• Logic puzzles that will make you think.
• The difficult difficulty of adventure: easy, normal, difficult.
• Move blocks, roll stone balls, kill monsters, avoid traps.
• Beautiful pixel art graphics: woods, rivers, and animals.
• Easy music and sound effects.
• Logic games for adults, children, and the whole family.
• There is no time limit. Take as much time to think as needed.
• Plan your next steps moving forward.
• Train your brain, intelligence, improve logical thinking.
• Like Nuts, Sokoban and Move Boxes? Fine!
• Play free, offline, without an internet connection.

The game is translated into languages: * English * Russian * Spanish * Deutsch * French

Chipmunk's Adventures Apk

☆ We Look Forward to Your Feedback and Wishes! ☆

Read more:
★ World 1 – Easy gameplay levels
The game mode for children. These places are not difficult to pass, but they will help teach basic logic and quick understanding. In addition, they will prepare you for the more difficult stages of the game and will teach you proper interaction with objects in this amazing adventure.

★ World 2 – intermediate levels of difficulty

Game mode with puzzles for adults. There is a need to use your brain through scenes of increasing complexity. Most people will fit. Suitable for most people.

★ World 3 – The best levels of increased difficulty

Game mode with the most challenging puzzles. The salvation and passage of these places may take a long time. In this mode, tasks are not for everyone. The competent calculation, planning and logical thinking with intelligence is the key to success!

Bonus lives with a maze in which a chipmunk is chased by a dangerous scorpion. Complete the maze faster before it can grab you.

Chipmunk's Adventures Apk

In-game currency: seed
– You get 5 units for every 1000 points.
– Crush the monsters with blocks and stone balls and pick up the seeds they have left.
– Open the closed level by playing with seeds. Or go through the levels one by one.
– Buy seeds and extra life for chipmunk from the shop to survive and grow longer.
– Restart from a check-point costs 1 seed. Use this option for check-point locations, so that you don’t have to start from scratch if you lose.

Tired of advertisers? Buy any number of seeds (in-game currency) and the ads will disappear.

Save all progress in the CLOUD. Login to Google Play Games and an internet connection is required.

are you playing? (→) Guess our app. Your feedback will help us develop further!

Next update will be:
– New stages for each difficulty mode.
– More monsters, traps, logic games and mind puzzles.
– Winter forest design with new objects, interactions, and mechanics.
– Mode Level Editor. create your own. Play levels created by other players.
– Daily bonus mini games in the style of arcade and Sokoban.

Chipmunk's Adventures Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

* Improved optimization
* Reduced processor heating
* Added some graphics effects
# I wish you a pleasant game

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