Contract Killer Sniper Apk (v6.1.1) For Android


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Game Name Contract Killer Sniper Apk
Android Version 3.0 and up
Category Action
User Reviews 4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v6.1.1
last update
13 December 2019
Size  14.2 MB + 184 MB

What’s the Specialty of Contract Killer Sniper Apk

You remove goals and a master assassin, hired to infiltrate places that are safe. Perform strikes that are deadly and follow along with rule: Respect The Deal.

Enemies within this new effort using abilities and tactics! There looked as A hazard! Combat Components and cyborgs are currently all-encompassing cities.

The act is an organization that has already been kidnapping scientists in creating their own nanocrystal technology, and it will be in the center of the enhancement undertaking. You’ve been hired to drive this invasion, at any cost!

Contract Killer Sniper Apk

The Features Of Contract Killer Sniper Apk

Select your contracts-:
Eliminate hordes of enemies, destroy entire targets or take out the single target that matters most. The next objective is on you.

Take out and takedown-:
Take on over 250 campaigns and campaigns with unique goals. Achieve long-range targets, take them down with well-timed shots, attack enemy targets or infiltrate enemy lines without compromising your identity.

Advanced Customizable Website-:
Upgrade the base defense to protect and defend your weapons. Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Heavy Guns, Tesla Gun, Rocket Launcher, Knife Throwing, Made Kit, Armor and more.

Batch for PVP supply-:
Attack other players’ bases, steal their resources and become the undisputed champion of PvP.

Keep your environment-:
Choose your way through each mission and use cover to your advantage. Disable sentry guns, blast explosive objects and avoid incoming fire.

World Tour-:
Move the overlook from one place to another and move on to the latest international contracts. It is up to you to become the ultimate global killer.

Contract Killer Sniper Apk

Fight back the cyborg invasion! Destroy opposing mechanized combat units and destructive bosses! Collect nanometer material to develop your offensive and defensive game. Reign supreme using advanced abilities, devastating weapons, powerful mechanized defensive units, and more.

Contract Killer Sniper Apk PLEASE NOTE-:

Linking to social media websites aren’t designed for individuals in breach of the principles of social media websites.

-This game isn’t designed for kids.

– Please purchase.

– A network connection is needed to play with.

– Promotion seems in this match.

– If you’ve got trouble with this sport, please utilize the match”Help” feature.

– This game is absolutely free to play with, but you may decide to pay cash. By correcting your device configurations you are able to disable buying.

– For info about how Glu gathers and uses your information, please see our privacy policy in

Contract Killer Sniper Apk

What’s New in Recent Update

Introducing the New Invasion Event!.
• Play PVP to earn Keys and gain access to special encounters.
• Fight your way through an onslaught of Cyborgs and Robots then take down their bosses!.
• Make it through alive to earn big rewards and massive amounts of points.
• New Clear Cache option – for freeing up additional storage space (see the in-game setting for details).
• Improvements to Chat functionality & System messaging.
• Bug fixes, optimizations, and other improvements.

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