D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) Apk (v9.2) For Android


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Game Name D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) Apk
Android Version 4.0 and up
Category Role-Playing
User Reviews 4.8 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v9.2
last update
04 February 2020
Size 21 MB

What’s the Specialty of D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) Apk?

Text features with IS Old-School D and D-style modern models!
If you like old school D&D-style RPG games where you make choices for the main character, then this is for you! Play a wizard, a succubus, a ranger and a rogue in this epic series of text-based games.

Here, the old school does not mean primitive. There are hundreds of achievements to uncover the epic from silly and surprising. The figures go up and down as you make choices, rarely “instant death”. You have options ready to return to the options, keeping a sense of suspense and challenge.

D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) Apk

⚔️ simple, YD Addictive Gameplay
Medieval fantasy RPG is dead-simple to learn, yet difficult to master. You read and make choices, that is, but the results of your choice are not always clear.

It’s like a series of your favorite fantasy novels, but is set to be even more awesome!

Soon you will drown in an RPG money more than any money you have played because your own imagination is what you are seeing, hearing and touching.

Play a comprehensive, well-thought-out story!
This huge series of interconnecting storylines is made up of over 1 lakh words! Has gone into development over 7 years!

You begin to play a character in search of glory and plunder, but soon reach a world of deadly plot and parallel universes. Later, the story continues when you play the role of a successor (demon), and then a rogue – with his personality and goals.

Plus, there’s more on the way! Like a good D&D campaign, it does not end.

D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) Apk

AND free and no payment for an option
Play well and you will be rewarded with the currency you need to finish everything without spending a penny. Hunt those achievements, rank higher and choose to watch rewarding videos when available. It is not that I do not appreciate your monetary support and I believe that you will find it well worth it, but know that you do not have.

Unlike many choice-based games, you do not spend currency to make choices. There is no option taken from you to require gems etc. nor is there any indication of spoiling it which is a “better option”. You choose!

AL real role-playing
To be successful, you must put yourself in the boot of your character and do what’s best for him or her, even if you don’t normally do it. This requires more than logic, but also empathy for your character and the situation he finds himself in. It is playing a role in its pure form.

B Easy on battery and storage. Play the game!
Although it is a huge interactive story that takes many hours of enjoyment, it is a short download and you can play offline as well.

D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) Apk

⚔️ Origin
Is it far? Well, let me tell you about the origin of this game. my name is Sam. I grew up with Dungeons and Dragons (1st ed, yes!) And choose my own adventure books in rural Wisconsin, a place where Kalpana offered the most expedient means of escape.

Decades later, I wanted to see if I could combine the best writing of fiction with mobile game design to create a reading addiction. Six years ago, I quit my corporate job to work on a quest to create my best interactive fiction package. In those years, I am fully functioning in my backyard shed, attempting to keep me to the right of holiness as I drift into other worlds.

It does not look like it is sad enough. My shed is untouched against the winter cold of Seattle, I’ve invested in a standing desk, and my monitor is very cute. I was helped over the years by contractors who have been lifesavers, especially for art that I am disappointed with.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of my passion and maybe I listen to you through the mail, etc. People like you make sacrifices, isolation, and the ups and downs of a brutal mobile business. 🙂

D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

Rogue’s Choice 15 is live! Please send feedback via “Contact Us” from the main menu. More on the way!

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