Deiland Tiny Planet Apk (v1.4.1) For Android


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Game Name Deiland Tiny Planet Apk
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action & Adventure
User Reviews 4.4 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.4.1
last update
31 January 2020
Size 79 MB

What’s the Specialty of Deiland Tiny Planet Apk?

Deiland is an offline and relaxing game, where we control the little prince Arco to develop his daily life on a small planet and enjoy magical adventures.

Deiland Tiny Planet Apk

Build a house in a game
We start from the beginning, on an empty little planet but full of surprises. The first step is to make tools that work with you: a spade up to the fields, an ax for firewood, a hammer for construction, and crafts for objects, etc. Soon we discover the pleasures of life in Deiland Do: Gather fruit, get the first crop or see meteorites.

At the very least we will bring a lot of items and materials that can be added to the workshop to get new tools, material derivatives (such as clothes, glass bottles or forged metals), dishes, or even magic qualities. Our house will be transformed from a tent into a large house, capable of forging, kitchen and laboratory. How many items will we be able to craft?

Trade with your products
As we develop the planet, it will be more attractive to merchants, who will come to buy or sell material for us. Meet Bram, the chef who cooks high-stellar dishes; Mn, a brave hunter of insects and magician Tala, is a very good old man obsessed with potions and spells.

Deiland Tiny Planet Apk

Perform magic and end your abilities
But it is not at all peaceful. Often, enemies appear to steal your loot. You will fight limos, giant spiders, bats, poisonous flowers and even giant trolls. Learn magic spells to defeat them and with the power of crystals, protect the planet.

enjoy nature
Life on the planet Dyland is amazing and comfortable. You will be in direct contact with nature:
– Grow beautiful forests of oak, pines and wild shrubs.
– Enjoy the rain water, which is a treasure that should be used well.
– Resist the passage of time, with dawn, sunset and nights in space.
– Relax with a good time to go fishing in the lake. You can catch big fish for your dishes and dishes.
Take care of your farm ant about its animals: small chickens and sheep.

DeLand is a great adventure game in which we must decide and develop the magic ecosystem of a small planet.

Deiland Tiny Planet Apk

Sources and Minor Plans
In the beginning, when the universe was small, four princes were sent to minor planets. Their mission was to discover the mysterious crystals contained inside each planet. When the crystal was found, it would awaken the ancient powers of magic, which would expand everywhere in the universe, thereby increasing the origin of the world.

This is the story of Arco, who inhabits the youngest princes among the youngest: DeLand, the Tiny.

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