Delivery From the Pain Survive Apk (v1.0.9194) For Android


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Game Name Delivery From the Pain Survive Apk
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Adventure
User Reviews 4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.0.9194
last update
01 May 2020
Size  47+431 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Delivery From the Pain Survive Apk?

Pain Delivery is a survival-strategy game with a fantastic RPG story, if you are familiar with survival games, it can take more than 30 hours to finish. In this game, you are not Alice; You are just a simple survivor in a terrible, zombie-infested world. During his adventure:

Delivery From the Pain Survive Apk

1. Fight against different types of zombies with different strengths and weaknesses to unlock exciting boss fights.
2. Meet individual survivors with a unique personality and touching the story. You can have multiple choices between different scenes, each choice you make will carry the story forward and to different endings.
3. Study and learn how to survive your night in the Holocaust by upgrading your shelter and defense system.
4. Explore and find clues to uncover the truth.

The Main Features of Delivery From the Pain Survive Apk

* Features Unique doomsday experience with hidden sports facilities.
* Multiple endings are full of mysteries and surprises. Which is true?
* Huge map with dangerous, attractive 3D urban buildings.
* Elines lifelong NPCs with special timelines and evolving story development.
* Thought-provoking, consequential dialogue options.
* That is an array of weapons and a unique stealth system that will provide hours of use in combat and enjoyment of the game.
* Choices study system and workshop that provides innumerable strategic options. Try and acquire the safest shelter!
And over ten types of zombies with specific skills and four ultimate boss monsters are waiting for you.
* Google Drive sync support, you will not lose your progress.
* The support for metal rendering to further enhance performance!

Delivery From the Pain Survive Apk

The Story

In 201x, an anti-cancer research institute announced the discovery of the key to eternal life. In response to this success, Faith Energy Company conceived a vaccine-driven startup, the “Human X Plan”. However, the vaccine failed and all infected humans were turned into zombies. The area where you live has been badly affected. To uncover the plot behind the Human X plan, you have to explore and survive!

You will meet many survivors. Do you want to see them all alive till the end? At what cost? What secret was hidden in abandoned tapes, newspapers, magazines and files that you find on your way? Can you find the password to unlock the door expectation?

About New DLC

1.New story: The story between Big Brother and Moira and you can have lots of confusion while playing the main game.
2. New Pet: A dog named hamburger will be involved in your battle with zombies, and he may be more energetic in poisonous areas.
3. New game system: The creative feeding system, training system, and cooking system will give you a new survival experience in the zombie world.
4. New Map: A new map of wood will be added to offer the base survival food sources, you can hunt animals and get other ingredients like potatoes, medical herbs, and wheat.
5. New Character: Big Brother A man who worked for Big Brother in the previous gang will appear in the new DLC, you will know how he can survive the Holocaust and you can also do business with him.
6.New Mode: When you want a quick understanding about the new story, you can get the survival supply pack under the help mode, if you are an experienced survival game player, you are important to challenge yourself Can try survival mode with difficulty.
7. New cooking system: You can send a gift to Moira to get new surprises from her.

Delivery From the Pain Survive Apk

What’s New in The Last Updated Version?

Challenge Mode is available in “Delivery From the Pain”, & all players can get an update. We listen, We care. People playing our games want the best & we want to make your gaming experience worthwhile. Contact us & we will answer each question as best we might, in the shortest time. Who would we be without you? Contact with ideas, information, advice, things good or bad.

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