Designer City building game Apk (v1.68) For Android


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Game NameDesigner City building game Apk
Android Version5.0 and up
User Reviews4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Versionv1.68
last update
01 May 2020
Size 94 MB
Google PlaystoreGoogle Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Designer City building game Apk?

Design and construction of a city. Develop a city, help it grow and grow it into a huge metropolis. This is a free city building game where you can build a city or city in any way!

Designer City building game Apk

Design and build a city
To build a successful city, in this city builder game, you will need to attract residents to your island by building houses and skyscrapers to live. They will require jobs so that you can also build commercial and industrial buildings where they can work. Improve your city skylines. Build city services, leisure and community buildings, parks and decorations to keep your new residents happy and satisfied in your new city.

Happy Sims will work harder to improve your city and spend more on building a unique city skyline. Manage transport networks to keep your citizens moving both day and night. Design and construction of large ports and large airports to increase trade and industry and promote tourism.

Decorate your city by adding parks and monuments. Bring it to life with famous landmarks around the world. This is your city building game so build your city with a choice of over a thousand buildings. Cultivate the land to provide food for your city.

Designer City building game Apk

Describe your city
Suitable for all ages and all experience levels, Designer City is not just a city builder or town simulation, it is a city-building design and city building game. You can make it any way you want. Play as a regular city building game and simply design the magnificent city skyline or use inbuilt advanced analytics to optimize your city in this free city building game.

The more advanced city builder game player/city building business tycoon can apply city zoning principles to manage pollution levels, efficiently city resources to increase city happiness and city building game revenue. Can deploy. Keep it as simple as you like, or build a city tycoon and micromanage build your city and keep your Sims happy; the choice is yours.

Designer City building game Apk

EVOLVE REDESIGN and your city
Dynamic land generation ensures that no two cities will ever look the same and you can manipulate the land to make your city skyline perfect. Want a river flowing through your city? Never mind, just made one. Want to build a commercial powerhouse? No problem, zone a city area and build real skyscrapers from now and into the future. Want to create a carbon-neutral city? No problem, use green power stations and carbon-offsets with public transport systems, parks, lakes, and forests. This is your city so it is built how you want.

With non-scripted gameplay, you have the creative freedom to build your city the way you can imagine. The only limitation is your imagination. Can your dream city make it to the top of many city building leader boards?

Play again and again with the City Reset feature and see for yourself a new scenario dynamically. If you like town building games then this is definitely the city building game for you. Happy designing!

Note: Designer City can be played completely for free and does not require an internet connection to play. Some completely optional in-game items, such as purchasing game currency, will require payment.

Designer City building game Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

Bug fixes and speed improvements.
Happy designing!

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