Empire Four Kingdoms Medieval Strategy MMO Apk (v4.6.27) For Android


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Game Name Empire Four Kingdoms Medieval Strategy MMO Apk
Android Version 4.0 and up
Category Strategy
User Reviews 4.2 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v4.6.27
last update
26 November 2020
Size  98 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Empire Four Kingdoms Medieval Strategy MMO Apk?

The empires of medieval civilization will see the rise of four kingdoms in this empire with the clash of clans. Empires are built by allied and cunning kings in the stone age where kings build empires and forts with the townspeople.

Empire Four Kingdoms Medieval Strategy MMO Apk

The Empire Four Kingdom is a paragraph experiencing the rise of four civilizations and empires, where palaces are built and kings struggle for victory, experience in the era of medieval empires.

This empire game is a legend that will give glory and triumph to the true warlord who will rule with an iron-designed throne, the Bling Empire, with honor.

Build Empires and Strike Wars in the States – True War Game

Build an empire with strategic trade of Stone Age resources in medieval times
Kingdom Forts and castles to protect your kingdom from wars in the Tommen and ruling kings
✌Alliances with kings and other multiples to help you conquer rival clans and gain territory on an interactive world map

Empire Four Kingdoms Medieval Strategy MMO Apk

Download Empire Four Kingdoms Medieval Strategy MMO Apk

Rain is famous for his reign of fire as King of Kings as War of Dragons.
To avoid robbers, fight with archers and shoot arrows
Enemies heading towards your palace? Chat with friend or enemy empire or join the MMO community and active forum for advice on making your empire’s empire the most powerful

Construct more than 60 different constructions and trade resources to gain assets in gold ords for silver and words for the sword, shield, wood, and fire⛨
An era of growing empires and civilizations

United we stand, divided we fall – build alliances and win rival kings in rivalry battles. Defend your castle from enemies and fight a medieval war with epic PvP strategy. Win kings and protect your kingdom in this epic PvP strategy game.

Do you have what it takes to form a growing army to rule the empire, fight enemies, protect your castle and dominate the four kingdoms? With this epic MMO game, you can employ clever tactics to protect your kingdom, wisely choose your alliance to fight alongside you in battle and build a skilled army.
Forge empire with alliances

Empire Four Kingdoms Medieval Strategy MMO Apk

Join millions of players in this award-winning multiplayer strategy and medieval war game – Empire: Four Kingdoms. With powerful rulers, fierce battles and strategic masterminds, your best PvP combat skills will emerge.
War land strategy game

With imperialism being able to battle town rulers and dragons in despair with rulers, you must save the Earth Empire from kings of various kingdoms in the medieval Stone Age. The throne is largely forged by tricking warriors from the royale clans. Are you ready to attack these empires and claim victory?
Empire Building Games with War Lords

Social empires are not won just by attacking. It involves strategy and planning, gathering resources and building buildings in villages, mining stones, smelting weapons, building town halls, training soldiers, knights, and archers. The Earth Empire should be able to defend itself from cunning warlords.
Rise of the palace in the states with the fort

Fight clan wars and clan battles to win over forts and knights. The mission of this strategy war game is to build the kingdom buildings of many empires to become the king of all empires.

* Grow from novice to knight with decorative war accessories.

* Become a fierce warrior, with objectives for different levels of experience.

* Different war zones of many countries go on national wars by forming alliances.

* Collect taxes from the villagers and enrich the royal wealth of the empire.

Empire Four Kingdoms Medieval Strategy MMO Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

All events are now combined in the Events Overview which can be found in front of your castle. Don’t hesitate to have a look!
A fortune-teller is also currently visiting the castles of the kingdom with promises of wealth and fortune to lucky lords.
Don’t forget to celebrate the month of February with the Carnival of the Phoenix event.

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