Enemy Waters Submarine and Warship battles Apk (v1.139) For Android


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Game Name Enemy Waters Submarine and Warship battles Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Simulation
User Reviews 4.1 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.139
last update
11 February 2020
Size  66 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Enemy Waters Submarine and Warship battles Apk?

Line up your submarine and launch a torpedo salvo. Send warships to the bottom of the sea

Enemy Water is a cat and mouse game between submarines and ships. Command and manage your fleet after encountering waves of pirate John’s warships. Conquer the harbor and oil wells by defeating enemy warships. Expand your influence and purchase the best submarine or warship, standing for the ever-growing machines of the pirate Little John

Enemy Waters Submarine and Warship battles Apk

Destroy Pirate John’s convoy by laying the right trap. Expect less from dangerous pirates as you play the role of a captain and escort your own battleship or submarine to safety

Sonar Ping identify underwater submarines and charge them deeply before they bring a torpedo salvo to your warship

As a captain, it is up to you to turn up the silence on your submarine and snatch the rear of Pirates John’s battleship, or go towards its port or starboard and fire a torpedo right into the battleship.

Simulation grade control will let you control the depth of your submarine

Simulation controls will also let you dive deep into the water as you survive the depth charge from the enemy warship

Deploy warships and submarines in World War 2, Cold War era and present time

Enemy Waters Submarine and Warship battles Apk

The Features Of Enemy Waters Submarine and Warship battles Apk


Tench class: submarines built for the United States Navy. It is also used by Brazil, Turkey, and the Pakistani Navy. He saw the war in World War 2 and the Bangladesh Liberation War

Oberon: Built for the British Navy. The museum is popular as a submarine

Dafna: Diesel-electric submarines manufactured in France for the French Navy. Mainly used by the French Navy for patrolling. Rear has torpedo launch capabilities

Foxtrot: Foxtrot was the reporting name of NATO. Built by the Soviet Union. Work is seen by the Indian Navy during the 1971 war (Bangladesh Liberation War of 1972) between India and Pakistan. Is considered exceptionally good at walking quietly

Kilo: Built by the Soviet Navy. Kilo was the reporting name of NATO. Operated by the Russian Navy and Indian Navy. The action saw during the Cold War period

Akula: First deployed by the USSR Navy and later by the Russian Navy, Akula is nuclear powered. The operators are Russia and India (leased). Developed near the end of the Cold War

Los Angeles: A nuclear-powered rapid-attack submarine of the United States Naval Command. Going better mute

Arihant: With nuclear-powered ballistic missile capabilities, the Arihant is developed for the Indian Navy forces. Top-mounted missiles are

Enemy Waters Submarine and Warship battles Apk

Yasen: Built to replace the Russian Soviet-era fleet. Can launch missile

Virginia: By far the most advanced sub. They are expected to be ready for war by 2070


Flower Class: Used as a warship during World War II, especially during the Battle of the Atlantic with the British and French navies as anti-submarine convoys. It also served in the role of Battleship Escort.

Evarts: Used by US Navy during World War 2 as destroyer and convoy escort roles

Whitby: Frigate of the British Royal Navy, which entered service after World War II

Commandant Revere: a warship built for the French Navy. Foreigners can patrol during peak times in anti-submarine escorts.

Petya: Petya was the NATO name of this warship. Designed for anti-submarine warfare in shallow water. During the Cold War the USSR (Soviet Navy, and later the Russian Navy), operated by the Indian Navy and the Vietnamese Navy. Still active in the Vietnamese Navy.

Leander: Battle of the Royal British Navy for anti-aircraft roles. Also operated by the Indonesian navy and Pakistani Navy

Espora: a naval warship built in Argentina based on a German design in Argentina

Braunschweig: Made by Germany. Under the NATO command, this war-ready warship is designed to carry out littoral operations.

Kamara: Made for the Indian Navy. Anti-submarine corvette with stealth capabilities. Possesses anti-aircraft missiles and array sonar. Fought against Somali pirates

Enemy Waters Submarine and Warship battles Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

* Changes to multiplayer matchmaking default options
* Few game balance improvements.


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