Energy Anti Stress Loops Apk (v2.7.1) For Android


Hi, Game Users! If you’re looking for downloading the latest version of Energy Anti Stress Loops Apk (v2.7.1) For Android, then you have come to the right page. On this page, we will know what is the specialty of Energy Anti Stress Loops Android Game and to download its normal app version you will be given a link to the Fastest CDN Storage, from where you can easily download your game or app.

Game Name Energy Anti Stress Loops Apk
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Puzzle
User Reviews 4.7 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v2.7.1
last update
21 February 2020
Size  27 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Energy Anti Stress Loops Apk?

Simple gameplay-: simply tap the lines to rotate and create a connected loop. The wires will glow when a lamp is connected through at least one bolt and a line.

Relaxing-: People with OCD issues refer to this game in a better way. The energy gameplay is very quiet – “just tap the line” – and a few levels per day are enough to fight OCD and anxiety issues. It likes to practice yoga with your smartphone.

Energy Anti Stress Loops Apk

Smart Brain-Teasers-: Energy has minimal minimum brain-teasers that will boost your reasoning skills, relax your soul and improve your concentration. It will make you bright!

Classic Game-: Compared to other logic games due to its simplicity, energy is very satisfying and will brighten the creative side of your brain.

Play everywhere-: It will take you less than 20 seconds to illuminate a circuit. This is perfect for when on the bus or while you wait for your flight at the airport. Wherever you are, start playing and relax!

Recharge your battery-: If your body’s battery is too low, energy is the best way to recharge it. Wherever you are at the airport, train or bus, boost your concentration and brighten your brain by reminding you of the infinity loop with a teaser.

Energy Anti Stress Loops Apk

Energy Anti Stress Loops Apk Latest Version

Better than a yoga session, energy will relax your soul!
Now play the king of logic games!

If your body’s battery fades, energy is the perfect boost to recharge it! Featuring a minimalist style, a transmission circuit, and a smart brain-teaser, this bright game will help you calm your anxiety and get your concentration in line!

Reminiscent of the classic loop by the simplicity and satisfaction of providing energy. You just need to tap the wire to manage it and manage to connect all the lines. Ensure that the transmission includes at least one lamp circle, one wire, and a light bolt circle that illuminate the light circuit. When everything is connected the wire will shine!

Part of the famous Infinity Loop franchise, this cool, minimal and smart game will help you deal with anxiety and OCD. Instead of turning off endless loops, you must tap each wire to connect it to the lamp and create a closed light transmission. Once you tap on the first line, you will boost your concentration and can reduce many symptoms of anxiety or OCD. Try to illuminate the circuit as often as you can and recharge your soul with positive thoughts.

In such a cool brain teaser, you don’t have to be super smart or fast as a bolt of lightning to succeed. Creating a functional light circle using each wire, bolt, and lamp is more important than giving a bright display. The energy atmosphere is satisfying and minimal, featuring a quiet soundtrack and endless lighting loops. The positive energy provided by this game will recharge your smartphone battery or brighten your brain like a star.

Energy Anti Stress Loops Apk

How to Download Energy Anti Stress Loops Apk?

If you are looking for a minimal tap game to increase your concentration, then energy is the right choice. Like other easy-to-learn logic games, this smart game has endless brain-teasers and its structure works as a circle: since you can’t complete it, your progress is like an endless circle. Perfect for playing on the waiting line or at the airport.

Working as a great way to increase concentration and fight anxiety and OCD issues, energy is a fun way to improve creativity while you relax your soul. By connecting each wire, clamp, and bolt, you will illuminate the transmission and create bright light shapes. You become an archaeologist: Once you complete the circuit, the loops will glow and you discover the hidden figure.

Energy Anti Stress Loops Apk

We connect energy to yoga because this sport is a great way to cleanse your mind and soul. The game is part of the logic games category but is very different from other logic games. When you complete a dozen levels, your heart rate slows down. Just like yoga is in exercise. It is not the same as practicing yoga, but it has the same effect on your mind.

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