Gangstar Vegas World of Crime Apk (v4.5.0i) For Android


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Game Name Gangstar Vegas World of Crime Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Action
User Reviews 4.4 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v4.5.0i
last update
12 December 2019
Size  37 MB

What’s the Specialty of Gangstar Vegas World of Crime Apk

Run crazy and free from a huge game world filled with clan conspiracies, thieving, vice, automobile racing, sniper activity, gang wars, zombie shooting, along with totally enjoyable $^%! Willing to roll on the dice? Subsequently, Vegas’ town is currently awaiting to get a gangster just like you!

Gangstar Vegas World of Crime Apk

A fascinating and engaging action game from Gangstar Vegas Gameloft Publisher. Certainly, this publisher is no stranger to us, if you are a fan of the asphalt game series then you need to know that Gameloft is a very big developer and publisher in France.

Gameloft currently consists of 21 game development studios around the world and they primarily focus on mobile games. Founded by Ubisoft co-creator Michelle Guillot, this game company is one of the most well-known of Java games. Their old games are also very interesting, but now they only focus on Android and iOS operating systems.

On touchscreen game platforms, games such as Asphalt 8: Airborne, N.O.V.A Legacy, have made them a brand in first-person shooter games and racing style games. But today, I would like to introduce you to a completely new game called Gangstar Vegas, which is a combination of the Grand Racing Auto game series of top racing games and Rockstar games.

V ISAS for VEGAS: the city of scene-:

Open Explore every inch of this grand open city, where every vice is priced.
√ Find every TPS action mission, racing challenge, secret collectible and grand heist you can find.
Casino Take a chance with your favorite casino games of choice. You know, the way they don’t play in San Andreas

Human open-world encounter-:

Start your heart racing Vegas story boxing for The Mafia. But soon you will be free to claim the real grand prize as you send your own crime factions into the city gang world.
-Stay fighting for your life through each action-packed mission (over 80!) Full of a chore, auto racing, shooting, and fun TPS action!
Alien, You never know what you will fight next as alien wars, waves of tanks and zombie clans are par for the course in this city.

Gangstar Vegas World of Crime Apk


√ Get behind the wheel of muscular cars, armored tanks, hoverbikes, fighter jets along with whatever else you have dreamed of driving because you’re a bit gangster.

√ Become a distinctive gangster since you optimize your TPS abilities and in-game equipment for maximum actions.

√ exude your vice for fashion with heaps of costumes which allow you to turn into a Vegas high rollercoaster, zombie gangster, mafia kingpin, world-class grand champ, automobile racing ace, Shaolin fighting master, robotic sniper and more.

√ Open the group was using a grand confrontation by combating Flamethrowers, Molotov Cocktails, Bomb-Throwers as well as futuristic firepower!

√ Deploy mortal drones to provide you a car cover fire counter attack support, and recovery for your assignment of crime.

Gangstar Vegas World of Crime Apk


Jump into a Halloween update full of haunted content & events!


😈 SPOOKY STRIP 🎃 What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… Finish off the Twisted Terror before he comes back for more Halloween mayhem!
🔊 RULES OF PLAY 😎 Get into a retro rhythm with a fresh throwback challenge & blast serious beats in the new Hi-Fi Coupe!*** FRESH GANGSTAR GEAR ***
Unlock thematic new cars, destructive drones, crazy costumes and much more!

Download the update and get back on the streets now!

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