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Game Name Just Survive Ark Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Simulation
User Reviews 3.5 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v2.4
last update
28 January 2020
Size  12+80 MB

What’s the Specialty of Just Survive Ark Apk?

Just Survive is a free FPS realistic sandbox survival game. The game has weapons, animals, resources, construction, islands, crafts, radiation, monsters, equipment, survivors, armor, cannibals, caves, sea, sea, enemies, loot, crafts and 100+ items.

Just Survive Ark Apk

Special Apllalyptic Willdanus

Explore the new sandbox forest and its dangers. Beware this island has bears, wolves, pigs, deer, cannibals, and zombies. Explore and rule Apocalyptic Island! Avoid this dangerous world. Explore with speed or any other device.

Building shelter or large base bill

You can start living by building a simple shelter as much as you can to make it bigger and make it your bigger base. You can include your loot here. Beware against other survivors, but most importantly the monsters at night!

Craft 100+ Items

The game has very different items. You can make weapons to assemble or fight equipment. Remove the parts you don’t need. Build better armor and equip it for your survival. Use your anvil to improve your things. Crafting is of paramount importance in this existential world.

Just Survive Ark Apk

Hunt wild animals and dangerous creations

Wild animals are dangerous but also very important for your survival. You can tolerate skin to get leather or most importantly for food. This island does not contain everything animals. Beware of cannibal and mutant types of zombies. Loot their food and weapon chests to upgrade yourself. Sometimes they have manufactured parts, equipment, armor, and weapons! They hunt you before they hunt wild animals. The shelter can save you from this apocalypse wild jungle

Ultra Reality Graphics, Shadows, and the World

A game built for amazing graphics even on medium devices. Shadow description is going to blow your mind. Oceanview monsters and creatures at night have a lot of detail in their skin and armor. Stay away from radiation!

Day and night cycle

This is a real-world simulator, so plan your movements according to time. You can hide in caves or explore the sea using the roof. Do not try to tame everything. You will have a realistic FPS apocalyptic realistic sandbox survival island experience.

Just Survive Ark Apk

Fathers Resources & Crafting

Get your tool pickaxe to hunt resources and try to mine metal ore, sulfur ore or simply stone. Using the tool axon you get the log pile to the cranes. Do not forget to wear your base armor as you cannot know which animal, creature or cannibal tries to attack you.

Survey Tips:

★ Build a base or shelter to prevent raids and to isolate yourself from dangerous environments.
★ Always loot animals, cannibals, zombies, survivors, monsters or creatures.
★ Equip your base armor to survive.
★ Evil is habitable in a shelter or base. Amla is for repair goods, equipment or weapons
★ Craft and crafting are important for survival.

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Important article:

The game is not yet a multiplayer PPV. Do not demand or expect multiplayer PPV from this game or any online features yet. I am still working on multiplayer (online). The game is currently a sandboxed singleplayer. Graphics are getting better. This game is not related to war.

Just Survive Ark Apk

What’s New in The Last Updated Version?

★ Graphics Improved
★ Feedback Window
★ Removed Shafted Projectiles (Community Wanted)
★ Fixed Towers Collision
★ Fixed Crash and Freezes
★ Fixed Bugs

Download Apk (12 MB)
Download OBB (80 MB)

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