Knock Down by Pirate King Jack Apk (v1.0) For Android


Hi, Game Users! If you’re looking for downloading the latest version of Knock Down by Pirate King Jack Apk (v1.0) For Android, then you have come to the right page. On this page, we will know what is the specialty of Knock Down by Pirate King Jack Android app and to download its normal app version you will be given a link to the Fastest CDN Storage, from where you can easily download your game or app.

Game Name Knock Down by Pirate King Jack Apk
Android Version 2.3 and up
Category Action
User Reviews 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.0
last update
07 Junaray 2020
Size 18 MB

What’s the Specialty of Knock Down by Pirate King Jack Apk

Fighting and playing a pirate by pirate king-jack. Knocking down is Jack’s introduction. We intentionally created Knock Down by Pirate King Jack game for our game lovers. Those who are found to have some amazing English films and novels, which are based on pirates, will surely like it. There are also some good cartoon films based on Caribbean islands and pirates. But unfortunately, we were unable to find any game such as “Knock Down” on such a good subject.

Knock Down by Pirate King Jack Apk

The idea of ​​a knockdown game is originally coming from these Caribbean pirates. Pirate A person who attacks and loots ships at sea. But the pirate here is our hero. He is a captain of pirates named “Jack”. Jack is in the prison of the English Army. This person is near a huge palace. As history suggests, pirates were smart as well as intelligent. So, as is Jack! He finds a way to break the prison with his smart and intelligent brain and tries to escape from the English province.

The English soldiers are alert and the pirates try to hold back Captain Jack. But Jack fights all English soldiers with all his expertise and power. He is a masterpiece and kicks the enemy like a slingshot and kills each soldier with spectacular punches and amazing special moves.

Captain Jack fights the English army and breaks out of the palace, leaving the three castles. The main goal of the game is to help Jack reach out of the castle where his favorite ship, Moti Port, stands. Jack will certainly succeed in running away from the English army but will need your mastermind to help defeat the soldiers.

The game will have three stages and to win it you will need to complete these stages and after one final stage Jack will find his favorite ship and say goodbye to the “English Army”.

Knock Down by Pirate King Jack Apk

The Main Features Of Knock Down by Pirate King Jack Apk

(1) 3D fighting game
(2) full of fight
(3) unlimited entertainment

Download Apk (18 MB)

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