Kung Fu Extreme Fighting Apk (v1.5) For Android


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Game Name Kung Fu Extreme Fighting Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Action
User Reviews 4.0 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.114
last update
07 February 2020
Size  37 MB

What’s the Specialty of Kung Fu Extreme Fighting Apk?

Kung Fu Extreme Fighting – Kick Boxing Deadly 2019 is a new action game that is free fighting. New Kung Fu Deadly Arena now starts on this Kung Fu action game 2019. The monster appears powerful and bodyguards many characters. Kung Fu Game has really amazing graphics and many environments.

Kung Fu Extreme Fighting Apk

Opponents await and Typhoon is the battle of the immortal devil who is a NINJA realist fighter and vows to defeat other heroes of Britain, Japan, America, and China soon. You are immortal and each of the legends of Kung Fu is alive and the honor must start the toughest fight as they have karate kicker, deadly boxing, street real super fighting warrior, martial arts, shadow real fighting MMA, hand fighting skills, wrestling Is the new hand, the real grand Kung Fu battle, Chinese martial arts. There is no doubt that they are the strongest fighters on earth. Here some force has corrupted our Universe with its stamina, uses its boost shadow power and defeats all martial arts fighters.

Kung Fu Extreme Battle – Kick Boxing Deadly 2019 is ready for Ninja 3D Battle. The new ninja 2019 games are going to start with the challenging tasks of Kung Fu. Then you are going to start and hit the battle of the Ninja Real Fights game. You are a martial arts fighter, a kung fu trainer and fighter. Your moves should be in this 3D ninja action fights according to the Ninja Real Combat which is absolutely free karate games.

Fighting, karate are full combat features and real ninja scenes make this 3D action game among the best ninja game players. This is a game of doing or die. Ready to watch Kung Fu win the fighting championship by fighting many more other world players like real kicks. Mind-Blowing Real Ninja Deadly Battle requires concentration of your mind.

Kung Fu Extreme Fighting Apk

Download Kung Fu Extreme Fighting Apk

Once you are there you get all the new fights here and you win all the missions successfully. The new martial arts in Crazy Rival Street and Kung Fu Real Ninja Fight Games are useful techniques and it is going to be in the Kung Fu Games 2018 section.

Kung Fu Extreme Fighting – Kick Boxing is a tournament in Deadly 2019 and you have mastered the art of Real Kick, Super Punch, Crazy Fighting 2018, Kung Fu, Karate and MMA Real Fighting. As you focus on the weak point of the real player opponent, real loot to hit with your full strength and skill with your moves and attacks. Start to test your skills of death in the amazing arena of realistic underground blood wartime.

Play and defeat all real war gods, be the last survivor and win the title of the immortal real king of this virtual kill box new death war game.

Kung Fu Extreme Fighting-Kick Boxing Deadly 2019 is between the World Super Hero and the real Kung Fu Real Boxing Master, the biggest fighting competition that begins when new powerful super characters come in the middle. Make Kung Fu a realistic fighter and look for fighting games for boys and girls.

Our fight is the best fighting and fighting game. Amazing super realistic hero battle is unique and amazing with easy multi controls.

Kung Fu Extreme Fighting-Kick Boxing Deadly 2019 is now available on Google Play Store. Enjoy and please give us feedback through comments, stars, and reviews. Thank you!

Kung Fu Extreme Fighting Apk

Download Features Of Kung Fu Extreme Fighting Apk

Select your favorite players
-Animal Super Combo
-Multiple levels for your multiplayer hero
-New expert to battle powerful enemies
MMA Ignoring Fighting Styles
-Mazing and mind-blowing martial arts moves such as: punch, kick, block, fire attack and action jump on face
-Do or Die fight 2018
-Strange, addictive and realistic lethal battle

Kung Fu Extreme Fighting Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

-Total 30 New Character, each character has 200 Levels
-Total Levels are 6000

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