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Game Name Lords & Castles Apk
Android Version 4.0.3 and up
Category Strategy
User Reviews 4.0 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.81
last update
08 January 2020
Size 97 MB

What’s the Specialty of Lords & Castles Apk

What kind of king will you be? Are you ready to rule a state? Take control of your own realm, and turn it into the most powerful. Defeat your enemies, and conquer the world!

Be a part of strategy style development. Design the best defense by designing every aspect of your scope. Build mountains, dig trenches and keep buildings in strategic positions. Give your archers the advantage by placing them on the top of a hill, or build a moat around your palace.

Once your city is well protected, recruit an army of over 20 different soldiers, and attack your enemies. Summon the great leaders of history who will help you in your adventure. Let Julius Caesar lead your army, and call Cleopatra to manage the defense of your city in your absence.

Lords & Castles Apk

Keep Your People, Happy-:

Arrange buildings wisely to please their subjects and gain their favor. Farmers and workers like to live near the safety of the palace. There is also an inn in the neighborhood.

Research New Technologies-:

Science is your partner! Your scientist can help your state. Ask them to research their weapons, and new techniques to improve their stronghold. They can also make your crops more efficient.

Change Terrain-:

If you are the king, why would you not be able to decide every extension of your city? Build hills, and mountains, build valleys, and dig dug. Use the terrain to improve the security of your state.

Like a King-:

Attack your enemies’ kingdoms to gain additional resources. Destroy their defenses and loot their rivals’ castles.

Lords & Castles Apk

Get Help From Great Leaders-:

Summon great leaders all the time to help you in battle. Enlist William Wallace, Lincoln, or Cleopatra to protect your city and attack your enemies.

Design Your Definitions-:

Help your soldiers protect their land by building mountains and digging trenches. Take advantage of the terrain to improve your defense!

Fake Alliance-:

Join your friends to build a powerful kingdom. Ally with other states, and sign treaties with them to force them to protect you, or to help you in times of war.

Conquer the World-:

Select a country, and start creating your state. Make it the most powerful, conquer all the areas around you, and build an empire.

Lords & Castles Apk

Salient Features-:

1:- Design your city. To protect it, build mountains, dig trenches and plant nets.

2:- Attack other players’ locations, and defend yourself from them.

3:- Gather more than 30 different great leaders at all times.

4:- Chat with other players.

5:- All game modes can be played for free.

6:- Sign in to Google Play Games to play on different Android devices.

7:- Optimized for Android tablets and cell phones.

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