Math Games For Kids of All Ages Apk (v8.49) For Android


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Game Name Math Games For Kids of All Ages Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Education
User Reviews 4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v8.49
last update
07 February 2020
Size  32 MB

What’s the Specialty of Math Games For Kids of All Ages Apk?

Math games for children: addition, subtraction, mental arithmetic, division, time table. Learning numbers and sequence learning games for preschoolers. Perfect for young children too!

Math Games For Kids of All Ages Apk

Monster Numbers is an excellent educational game for children to learn math: preschool skills and mental math calculations and problem-solving for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and adults of all ages.

A fun edutainment application. Run, jump, count, add, change, multiply (time table) and divide to win. This is a real game! Over 2 million downloads!

Highly adaptable edutainment design! It is suitable for all ages!

Perfect for the whole family!

Math Games For Kids of All Ages Apk

The Features Of Math Games For Kids of All Ages Apk

Age-related topics:

– Ages: 4-5 (Preschool):
Children between the ages of 4 and 5 (kindergarten) will find age-appropriate games to match their mature level in mathematics: counting coins, logical sequences, recognition of numbers, quantity and number of associations, sets of coins (easy Add).

– Ages: 6-7 (first and second category):
Children ages 6 and 7 (primary school first grade and second grade) practice mathematics activities: logical ordering, addition without addition, subtraction with coins and subsequent addition without subtraction.

Age 8-9 years (Class III and IV):
Mathematics takes place at ages 8 to 9 (third grade and fourth grade in elementary school): the mental arithmetic sum of two digits, mental math subtraction, time table (learn multiplication), multiplication and sequence.

-Ages: 10- 16 years (5th and 6th graders):
From the age of 10 (elementary school and middle school fifth and sixth grade), math games include mental arithmetic addition, mental math subtraction, time table, multiplication, division, and more complex logical ordering.

– From 16 to 100 years of age) (Secondary School and Adult): The game will be a major challenge, increasing the difficulty of mathematical tasks and other levels along with this age limit.

Math Games For Kids of All Ages Apk

Modus Operandi

The purpose of monster numbers is to combine fun with learning, so, if you use it in school, we recommend letting the child play freely through different levels.

Difficulties in math facts, sums, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, time table, counting and counting of coins are automatically adjusted and depend on their mistakes and successes. Therefore: Do not help! Let them learn mathematics autonomously !!

Many teachers and parents of K12 schools use our educational app as a reward for work done for their students or children. If they have compulsorily completed work in school then they are allowed to run our app.

Makes to play

The best thing is that children will engage in learning mathematics without realizing that the thrill they are experiencing is happening with the Tob Squirrel. Our squirrel is lost in the world of monster numbers and children: to come up to the result !!!!

To do this they must cross countless obstacles and try to recover pieces of Tob’s spacecraft. They can jump, run, slide, fly, shoot while doing fun math facts (learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division …) … which can always suit your level.

They will have an exciting adventure while learning.

Our video games can be played by boys and girls 4 and up (preschool, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade).

Designed by Didactoon, educational video game experts, psychologists and professionals with extensive experience in the field of fashion.

Math Games For Kids of All Ages Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

— New stats zone!
— New badge collection!
— Improvements to graphical elements and resource optimization
— Better difficulty adaptation for the youngest children: 3 to 5-year-olds

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