Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Apk (v1.0.9) For Android


Hi, Game Users! If you’re looking for downloading the latest version of Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Apk (v1.0.9) For Android, then you have come to the right page. On this page, we will know what is the specialty of Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Android app and to download its normal app version you will be given a link to the Fastest CDN Storage, from where you can easily download your game or app.

Game Name Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Sports
User Reviews 4.2 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.0.9
last update
12 February 2020
Size  51 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Apk?

Mega Shooter: Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes) is a 2D free space shooting game style shoot with its very unique gameplay. A fast-paced action shooter game in Situation Infinity War! Use a wide selection of projectile weapons and power-ups to help robot heroes get through increasingly challenging levels, fight as space shooter and perform endless duty with epic battle tactics. If you are a fan of space shooting games, Mega Shooter: Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes) is the best choice to experience shooter games.

Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Apk

30xx, when the Earth is about to suffer from pollution, diseases, and demons. A ship carrying the most advanced and strongest robot heroes is sent to the space galaxy, hoping to find a new planet on which humans can live. During the journey, the hero robots must fight large and dangerous alien monsters as they land on metal soldiers and save the galaxy from alien swarms, this is the infinite war of humans.

A great action shooting and 2D shooter game with tons of great features
Let’s play, endless shooting and fighting, take your gun, kill all enemies, get infinite duty and become a hero shooter! Mega Shooter: Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes) will put you in the space galaxy. Here, you have to battle infinity through endless waves of the monster shooter to keep alive and become metal soldiers. On your journey across the space galaxy, your fellow infinite war heroes are robots. They will obey your command to kill the demons. To kill all those monsters and survive in endless war, you have to shoot weapons, cannons and in this game, there are big varieties of choice. You can choose from blizzard guns to fusion cannons, bazookas, metal shooter guns, laser beams and many more. Infinite with three-star and complete the mission and you will get more coin to strengthen your shooting weapons, the shooting range will be bigger. This means that your gun will make shooting easier. Let’s look at them ourselves.

Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Apk

The Main Features of Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Apk

★ space shooter simple control game
★ Cool sci-fi 2D space shooter game style art and animation (Galaxy style)
★ Unique gameplay with shooting style to them.
★ epic battle, endless war, many interesting levels
★ shooting from your side to fight metal soldiers and shooting guns
★ Tons of guns to choose from. From gun to cannon to bazooka to shoot those monsters
★ Demons are ready to give you death.
★ Defense and survive in the monster shooter game genre.
★ Shooting game with free multiplayer: Coming soon.
★ Best free metal soldiers shooting game 2D
★ endless (duty space galaxy shooting) endless mode for a mega shooter with infinite
★ Shoot your guns and upgrade robot hero to attack infinity war
★ Different types of shooting weapons like rocket gun, laser beam, bazooka
★ Upgrade your gun range and robot heroes as metal soldiers
★ monster shooting game free shooting game 2D

How to play Mega Shooter: Information Space War (Galaxy Plane)

* The main mechanic of the game is your gunshot. Monsters will roam everywhere and you have to control your metal soldiers to move and avoid them while shooting to kill them.
* You can dash to move faster and take no damage.
* When there are too many monsters, use the special gun shooting final to clear them.
* Each gun has its own unique final shot so choose wisely for your robot heroes such as a melee for a big explosion or a metal soldier gun shooter for a bazooka.
* Each character in the game has a unique ability and can be useful in certain missions and situations. Learn how to use them and master them so that you can defeat all those monsters with your metal shooter robot hero.

Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Apk

* The upgrade mechanism is very clear and easy to understand. All you need is just an in-game currency. Collect coins and do missions to upgrade characters and guns to get stronger so that you can easily beat those space monsters.

What’s New in The Last Updated Version?

fix purchase problems.

Download Apk (51 MB)

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