Mortal Kombat Apk (v2.5.0) For Android


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Game Name Mortal Kombat Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Action
User Reviews 4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v2.5.0
last update 28 February 2020
Size  34.9 MB +0.99 GB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Mortal Kombat Apk

MORTAL KOMBAT MOBILE brings its own signature Fatalities with images, and above the moves! Build an elite group of Mortal Kombat warriors and establish yourself.

MORTAL KOMBAT is the tenth version of the fighting game that has been familiar to many generations. When it comes to fighting games, MORTAL KOMBAT is always one of the most prominent names on the market, so publisher NetherRealm Studios constantly revives the game, it improves on graphics and gameplay, and compares to previous versions More features in The game will help you experience the feeling of being a true gladiator, embroiled in the battle between life and death.

In fact, MORAL KOMBAT does not have a specific plot, although it has created a vast universe, which is nothing short of DC or Marvel. You can still watch short videos or retrospective videos of each character, understanding their previous stories, knowing who they are, but it is not enough.

If the publisher invests more in storylines, perhaps the game has more things to make the player more curious, as players often prefer to explore the world in the game rather than in a normal fight.

Mortal Kombat Apk

The Features Of Mortal Kombat Apk

Assemble a team of 11 console characters in Mortal Kombat on mobile! The MK11 team is extremely versatile, loaded with unique abilities and powerful teams synergize to inflict pain on your enemies.

The MK11 collation includes MK11 Raiden, Scorpion, Z, Sub-Zero, Cabal and Scarlett, and they are as deadly as their console counterparts! They also carry the same lethal explosion!

***Battle in BRUTAL 3 v 3 KOMBAT***
Build your team of Mortal Kombat fighters and lead them into battle to earn experience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts.

Team up the warriors with unique synergies to gain an advantage on your enemies such as Team Ronin, Team Nightmare and Team Day of the Dead!

***Build a broad base***
Collect over 130 mortal combat characters, including giants like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Cassie Cage, Ermac, and many more. Discover the latest additions to Mortal Kombat mobiles such as the Bloodpipasu Vampes Milena, Football Champion Combat Cup Sonya Blade, the mysterious Classic Reptile, and the warrior princess Ronin Kitana.

Mortal Kombat Apk

***Complete difficult challenge***
Prove yourself and complete a series of matches to bring the new Mortal Kombat Warriors to your roster! A new challenge begins every week!

***Multiplayer factory wire***
In an online competitive mode, compete with other players in Factors Wars, an online competitive mode where players include other player teams. Rank in your own faction leaderboard to earn weekly rewards.

***Personalize your game***
Unlock unique character customization in the feat of strength.

Win battles to show your mastery with limitless combinations of win action-packed victory stunts, outrageous victory stunts and champion worthy war banners. Unlocking tricks of power also increase stats for characters!

***Java draping Fetal***
Mortal Kombat Mobile brings its trademark fatalities to mobile with stunning graphics and upward moves that will take you in the right direction.

***ERARDRDS on EPER Question***
Send characters on Epic to earn special rewards! Start your journey in the Outworld and work your way up!


Content is acceptable for ages 17 and up. Includes blood, violence, and gore. * Mortal Kombat Mobile includes premium-quality graphics. Performance isn’t optimized on both devices with less than 1.0 GB RAM. * Mortal Kombat Mobile is an online-only game.

Mortal Kombat Apk

What’s New in Recent Update

The Halloween update is here! Make way for Diamond MK11 Skarlet, Diamond Black Dragon Kabal, Diamond Cutthroat Kano (that’s right, he upgraded), a limited-time Tower of Horror with new equipment that provide special bonuses, and more!
MK11 Skarlet is just as deadly as her console counterpart, Black Dragon Kabal’s elite training has made way for Black Dragon characters to perform “Sneak Attacks”, and Cutthroat Kano joined the Black Dragon team, became Diamond tier, and has a brand-new passive!

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