My Diggy Dog 2 Apk (v1.2.6) For Android


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Game NameMy Diggy Dog 2 Apk
Android Version4.4 and up
CategoryAction & Adventure
User Reviews4.1 out of 5 Stars
Current Versionv1.2.6
last update
01 May 2020
Size 85 MB

What’s the Specialty of My Diggy Dog 2 Apk?

Two adventurers named Christopher and Clara once traveled the world in search of ancient treasures and the mysteries of the universe. During one of their campaigns, they met a cute puppy and named him Marty. Since then he has always traveled with her and is fond of adventure and digging.

My Diggy Dog 2 Apk

Clara suddenly vanished while hunting for a mysterious artwork called Heart of Space. Out of search, Christopher returns to the camp, where his loyal friend Marty is searching for him. Heartbroken, the veteran adventurer almost gave up on archeology.

But Marty noticed that his friend was depressed, so he became courageous and went alone to see Clara. The dog found an ancient map with the words “Heart of Space” and something resembling a portal on it. He brought the map to Christopher, which excited him.

Seeing their adventure, Christopher and Marty decide what they start and find the portal to the Heart of Space. Who knows? Perhaps this ancient artwork will help him figure out what happened to Clara.

about the game:
The gameplay combines the styles of excavator and platformer. During his adventures, the player will explore challenging puzzles full of items and find a wide variety of tools, countless artifacts, and a large space for new discoveries.

My Diggy Dog 2 Apk

The Features Of My Diggy Dog 2 Apk

-Journal to different places.

A large map to locate in any direction.

Available collective artworks.

Huge dungeons are full of traps and puzzles.

-Original digging mechanic.

-Bonus level experience.

-A dynamic upgrade system.

-A heart touching story.

Stunning graphics.

Lots of enjoyable details in the game world.

My Diggy Dog 2 Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

Meet the new version in which you will see:
– A colorful world to explore
– Underground obstacles
– Secret loopholes
– Loads of gold finds and secret signs
– Dynamite, armor, jet packs and other equipment!
Have fun playing!

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