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Game Name Shop Titans Apk
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Simulation
User Reviews 4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v3.6.0
last update
01 May 2020
Size  68 + 290 MB

What’s the Specialty of Shop Titans Apk?

You are the new craftsman of the city. Help the heroes in the epic battle against the creepy monsters that lurk in the dungeons. Personalize and design your store for heroes to protect your village, build epic armor, swords and gear. Combine with blacksmiths, tailors, priests, carpenters and forest practitioners to enrich your business. Trade, sell or auction your products from other stores to the highest bidders. Sell ​​your merchandise to warriors and even add surcharges!

Showcase your medieval style by customizing your avatar. Choose from a variety of clothes, hairstyles, eye colors, and more to make your avatar unique. Once you are ready, the adventure begins! Follow Elder, Owen in this RPG simulation game tutorial, and learn how to build and manage your store to become the state’s biggest tycoon!

Shop Titans Apk

Now it’s time to create your own store.

First, you will dust off the accounting table. How will you become a successful business mogul if you cannot keep your accounts? This is the most important part of every shop. You must be ready to take orders from champions and heroes!
Next, you’ll learn how to prepare epic gear to prepare heroes and champions for battle. You will design the layout of your store for maximum shopping, customizing it to attract more customers. Make sure you manage your store well and build your fortune to become the top shopper in this fantasy empire! Offer, discount, and trade in for new gear for heroes equipped for battle. Become a medieval empire tycoon and start an adventure to a hidden land!

Shop Titans Apk

The Main Features of Shop Titans Apk

In this fantasy adventure you can:
• A master shopkeeper!
• Create and create your own fantasy shop in 3D!
• Team up with your friends and build a prosperous city!
• Customize and customize your own heroes with your own skills and equipment!
• Trade with players from all over the world!
• Win mystical dungeons to gain rare bosses and rare loot!

Shop Titans is a simulation RPG game in which to build your own shop within a fantasy empire. In it, you can sell armor, swords, potions and all kinds of gear and equipment to the heroes to help in your adventures. With sales money, you can expand and customize your shop to become a business mogul in the village. All kinds of heroes can enter your store: warriors, magicians, dwarves … even ninjas! Help your heroes and champions in the legendary battle against the most powerful bosses!
The search mode of Shop Titans is similar to other famous RPG and simulation style games. You will recruit a team of heroes who will battle in epic battles against ogres, orcs and other creatures. Use a sword or magic to defeat them and get gold coins to spend in your store. In addition, these quest rewards will give you materials to help you build new weapons and gear, allowing you to reach increasingly difficult duets.

Build your store as soon as possible to support the heroes who will protect and protect your village. Build a crafting empire, get rich by selling craft items in your store! For each epic battle a hero fights successfully, you will receive rewards for equipping them with weapons and armor. Open a chest to find out what new items you have to make new swords, shields, armor and more!

Install Shop Titans now for free, craft, build and find your way to the top as an epic mogul in this fantasy simulation RPG game!

Note: Shop Titans is an independent game that allows for real money purchases within the app.

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What’s New in The Last Updated Version?

Lunar New Year Event
All-new festive content is now available for a limited time, including bonus gifts for logging in!
Bonus Furniture Space
Extra expansion slots are available for players with a fully upgraded ship.
Market Improvements
The market will now automatically match appropriate requests and offers together if they exist.
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Download Apk (68 MB)
Download OBB (290 MB)

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