Spell Book For Magic Wand Apk (v4.23) For Android


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Game Name Spell Book For Magic Wand Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Simulation
User Reviews 3.8 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v4.23
last update
10 February 2020
Size  17 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

What’s the Specialty of Spell Book For Magic Wand Apk?

Spell Book for Magic Wand: Imagine being a dark wizard from a wizard school who knows spells of every kind of magic power: a combination of fireballs or real lightning balls. Feel like you are an amazing mesmark and can use your superpower spells to create magic blows and survive dangerous animals and fantastic animals. Powers of fire, lava and light ball – imagine how you learn every mantra of miracle combination in the magical world! Charming magician Amaze! Play a game of magic about the mysterious wonders of alchemy: Use your big book of enchanting magic to unleash the power of your amazing sorcerer: imagine a dark resurrection, a big animal and any other wizards you can turn into That can be imagined. Dream of becoming a dark angel or white devil in the magical world?

Spell Book For Magic Wand Apk

Surprise and surprise with a stick to spell: Explain that you know the word for a mystery ball and use this magical game as a real book of magic from dreams. Try to spell spells with a stick like a fairy witch! Play free games of magic wand for coordination, imagination and just fun! In the magical game, everyone likes to be a sorceress. Magician game tricks sound like you make a magical sea with a magic wand. Free mystery books will amaze and surprise friends and your real company. Are your friends’ magicians witches or sorceresses? Say Abracadabra and try to bounce them together like witches!

The Features Of Spell Book For Magic Wand Apk

A fantastical book of magic games with supernatural wonders
Dream of becoming an enchanted, fairy, enchanting, combative, witch, wizard or wizard?
Call Abracadabra trickery as the best secret trick of all convenors
Coordinate, improve imagination and have fun with your fictional supernatural superpower
Imagine being a dark magician from a magician or a magician school
Amaze and amaze with a large book of magical magic for the Wand Games
Wizard’s wand for all kinds of fantasy: the sea of ​​fire, lava and light ball
Imagine the powers of the witch and witchcraft: fireballs, real lightning balls or balls of illusion.
The power of dark revival and the power of wizards to surprise a friend and surprise your company
Try free mystery books of sorcery power words for illusion tricks
Trick and witch words for imaginary totals of a large animal, white devil or fairy
Free mystery books about frighteningly dangerous animals and revived magnificent animals
Imagine how you combine trickster magician, trickster miracle and alchemy charm

Spell Book For Magic Wand Apk

Please note: this is a game only. You cannot be a wizard in the real world: witchcraft, witchcraft, witchcraft and all other spellings imaginable. The sorcery in this application is only a graphic effect on the screen, and everything else can only exist in dreams and imagination.

What’s New in Recent Update?

New spells! Protego! Hurricane! Sectumsempra!

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