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Game NameThe Arcana Apk
Android Version4.1 and up
User Reviews4.6 out of 5 Stars
Current Versionv1.82
last update
01 May 2020
Size 99 MB
Google PlaystoreGoogle Playstore

What’s the Specialty of The Arcana Apk?

Welcome to Archana, an exciting world full of mystery and romance! Immerse yourself in this beautiful otome-inspired visual novel. You will become a Tarot prodigy, wander the hidden lanes of an ancient city, and meet with seductive figures. Choose your story to decide who you condemn and who you wish!

In this LGBT and gay-friendly game, you choose your pronoun – then romance to your heart’s content! If you play Mystery Game, Otome, or Anime Game, you will love Archana! Are you ready to fall in love?

The Arcana Apk

The Arcana Apk Story-:

You take on the role of an eccentric tarot card reader working in the magic shop of Asura, your patron.

You get confused and have no memory of what happened before. Suddenly, someone is knocking at the door.

Three characters appear who want to talk to your patron, but you provide them instead of reading tarot cards. Nadia, counting Vesuvia, is intrigued by your reading.

She offers you an invitation to her palace, though for the price – you must first uncover the secret of her murdered husband!

Immediately you emphasize a mystic story, where you mix sultry characters on your way to uncover the mystery.

Each character has many hidden secrets that you discover through your choice. Will you fall in love Be careful, your choice has more impact than just yourself!

The Arcana Apk

Meet the characters:

Cross paths with six unique characters. Romance them, kiss them with them, or quarrel! Depending on the anime and ikemen styles, you can play multiple character routes simultaneously or once – the choice is yours!

* Julian – an exciting and dangerous doctor accused of a gruesome crime.

* Asra – Your Magical Master with a Wealth of Secrets.

* Muriel – a mysterious person you encounter in Vesuvia.

* Nadia – powerful and intriguing count of the city.

* Lucio – Nadia’s dead husband who once ruled Vesuvia.

* Portia – Nadia’s favorite and most trusted handmaiden

How to play The Arcana Apk:

Choose your pronoun in this inclusive Otome-inspired story. Choose whether to play as a female, male, or non-binary character.

Then choose your story among six mystic character paths. Each episode has a plethora of options for you to play the role! As you interact with interesting characters and on your chosen path, you must decide quickly or face the consequences!

Unlike other dating sims, this visual novel gives you what you want and romance that you want! Pursue relationships with any character, regardless of gender.

The Arcana Apk

10 Reasons Why You Should Download Arcana:

* A secret that is impossible to keep down!

* LGBT and Gay-Friendly Games – You choose your pronoun and roleplay in the Ottoman story.

* Explore the world of Vesuvia – jaw-dropping visuals in this beautiful visual novel.

* Dating simulator with a twist – to fall in love with six mystic characters.

* Choose your story – risky and thrilling options!

* Uncover romance, secret kiss or cheat your lover like you.

* Get a daily tarot card reading to know your fate.

* Play 21 episodes taken from 21 Major Archana Tarot Cards.

* Free to play without ads – all character paths are available to play without pay.

* Collect memories and prizes in the Heart Hunter Mini-Game.

The Arcana Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

Muriel’s Book 14 – Temperance – Is here!
After weeks on the road, Muriel finally returns to Vesuvia.

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