The Walking Dead Road to Survival Apk (v23.0.5.84689) For Android


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Game NameThe Walking Dead Road to Survival Apk
Android Version4. and up
User Reviews4.2 out of 5 Stars
Current Versionv23.0.5.84689
last update
30 April 2020
Size53 MB
Google PlaystoreGoogle Playstore

What’s the Specialty of The Walking Dead Road to Survival Apk

The Walking Dead Road to Survival is a definitive Walking Dead strategy RPG game, brought to you by Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comic series.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival Apk

Build your team of Survivors and develop battle strategies to lead the fight in an informal story, full of danger. Fight for survival against walkers and humans, using tactics to attack the enemy’s weak points and deep RPG progressions to make their way. Build a city to keep walkers at bay, but be warned – those who are horrified are in danger outside, not just a threat, and your decisions stand amidst all life and death.

Based on a new story by award-winning Walking Dead writer Jay Bonansing, the game’s black aesthetic reflects the inconsistent decisions you’ll need to strategize to survive.

Stand alongside Michonne, Rick and the other survivors of The Walking Dead, and join the epic battle against the Governor’s darkest enemies from Negan.

The Main Features Of The Walking Dead Road to Survival Apk

Fight walker and survivor
• Use your best strategy to fight and survive against furious opponents
• Mitch-like katana attacks using special melee with opponents and deadly weapons with a hue.

Collect and save
• Collect new survivors from the Walking Dead universe, each with their own special battle strategy

Upgrade your balance
• Level up and customize survivors to increase your battle strategies, weapons, and skills
• RPG progress makes your Survivors stronger as they bite more walkers

Strategy gameplay – capitalize on strengths and exploit weaknesses
• Battle strategy is important to score powerful hits – but watch out for the vengeance of attacks
• Your battle strategy is to keep the survivors of Woodbury safe – strategic and strikes to win

Maps and location from the walking dead
• Explore a new 3D map featuring real locations from the Walking Dead comics

Build your community base and expand into wastelands
• Build homes to expand your city, to expand your city, a workshop for craft items, and more

The Walking Dead Road to Survival Apk

PvP – Raid Enemies
• Use your battle strategy to raid enemy groups for resources in the All Out War online mode
• A wide open-world strategic multiplayer battle filled with potential enemies and vicious walkers.

Coalition factions and online strategy
• Multiplayer alliances and battle strategies keep you safe. Join allies to build battle strategy and pool resources in the harsh world of The Walking Dead
• Battle and build with friends in multiplayer role-playing strategy gameplay

Battle in the iconic The Walking Dead location
• Fight with your faction for control of areas from the Walking Dead
• The battle to win and defend locations such as Alexandria, Woodbury, Sanctuary, and more

Make strategic decisions to change the story
• Decisions influence the story mode and make each game campaign unique
• Write your own Survivor story in this dynamic and compelling Walking Dead RPG

Live in-game event
• Play to get valuable resources and new, exclusive survivors.

Walkers shed tears on your city walls, while survivors cut the foundations of the city inside. When it comes time to fight, what will you choose?

The Walking Dead Road to Survival Apk

What’s New In The Last Updated Version

5-Star Weapons are now available
– Take your fighters to an entirely new level of power with all-new 5-Star Weapons
– 5-Star Weapons have a new ability slot with epic effects
– Upgrade any of your 4-Star weapons to 5-Star

Major Armory Update
– The Armory has gone through a complete overhaul. Research schematics, craft new weapons and upgrade your arsenal
– Play through the story campaign with the Blacksmith Wayland to take back the Armory and craft your first 5-Star weapon

Download Apk (25 MB)
Download OBB (53 MB)

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