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Game Name Toilet Time Apk
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Strategy
User Reviews 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v2.8
last update
05 February 2020
Size  79 MB

What’s the Specialty of Toilet Time Apk?

Toilet time means pop game. Sometimes it is soft and just a quick game, sometimes it is hard and it stops your poo game for a while. But now it can be a fun game every time because when nature calls you for a toilet game full of minigames, consistency is important!

Fill your bathroom game session with thrilling minigames that will make you enjoy longer toilet games and turn your toilet breaks into s-pie-circular poo game parties!

All minigames within this bathroom game are an absolute necessity! Take a peek at all the quick games available:

Toilet Time Apk

The Features Of Toilet Time Apk

The Do Not Drop Soap: In this thematic toilet game, tap on the soap to avoid falling on the floor!
Paper Cover the Seat: Pull out pieces of toilet paper to cover the toilet seat so that you can enjoy your toilet play in peace!

To shoo the flies: Tap on the flies to kill them, avoiding the yucky bug that might have landed in another person’s poo game!

 Rein in my teeth: a quick game where you need to pull the food stuck in the teeth by pulling it in the opposite direction.

Shave off: Cut a man’s beard without scratching his face.

IeCall of Doodie: Navigate through the doors to go to the bathroom in this first-person “shooter” game. This is another full level poop game!

Toilet Time Apk

DirtyDiaper Throw: Tap on the screen to throw dirty diapers inside the trash bin. Are your objectives ready for this specific poo game?

Wrong Tile: Find different tiles on the wall in this bathroom game!

Out Golden Fish: Guide Bad Pet Fish from this Toilet Game by Setting Plumbing Strait.

RowCrowded Toilets: Count how many people made their mark in this toilet game.

Need Ensure: A quick game where you need to vacate the meeting to finish your business.

Increasing: Clean up graffiti in this bathroom game.

Ask Paper: Protect the bride from public shaming and remove the toilet paper on her shoes. No one needs to know that she was also playing the Pope game.

KillCockroach: Tap on the screen and kill the Yuki Cockroach that comes out of the drain where someone has left their poo game.

Toilet Time Apk

Vacant: Find an empty cabin to use and finish the game peacefully.

Regul temperature: a fun game where you need to regulate the temperature of the shower.

Fate depression: save objects from the terrible fate of drowning in the toilet in this funny game.

Tubes: Avoid stinking toilets destroyed by too many tacos anyway!

FunnyPaper: In this funny game all you have to do is unroll the entire toilet paper roll.

QuickCleaning: Use your urine in this quick game to clean the dirt from the toilet.

Rest Sort: Help Men and Women Find the Right Toilet.

Do not tell anyone that a fun game and toilet can be enjoyed at the same time. Thematics minigames are definitely not a waste of time! Eventually, by playing these minigames, you’ll earn keys to unlock pivotal pieces of history in the Toilet Museum, such as the Egyptian urinal and the complicated Time Machine Toilet!

Toilet Time Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

Small bug fixes and performance improvements!

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