Trailer Park Boys Apk (v1.22.1) For Android


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Game Name Trailer Park Boys Apk
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Simulation
User Reviews 4.6 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.22.1
last update
13 October 2020
Size  64 MB

What’s the Specialty of Trailer Park Boys Apk?

Official Game of Trailer Park Boys TV Show! Join the gang in this business-building passive game! Now featuring live trailer park events each weekend, Bud! Don’t miss out on making more cash, hashes, and booze with your favorite passive clicker games! Become Sunnyvale’s Business Tycoon!

Trailer Park Boys Apk

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money is an idle clicker business tycoon money game where you do business in Sunnyvale Trailer Park to become a business tycoon!

Tap to Build Businesses, Get Customers and Earn Smooth Money! Upgrade to quickly enrich your money-making business and become a Trailer Park Idol Game Tycoon! Earn money and become a passive game tycoon even when you are away from your phone!

As the boss of RV Trailer Park, you’ll collect characters to help you earn money and open new businesses. Collect new characters by collecting cards, level them up by collecting wine, hash, and cash! All within the ease of a passive clicker business tycoon – don’t work hard, make useless greasy money!

Liquor, hash, and cash are all important to meet the challenges of a trailer park. Bust open trunks to take their prizes, but don’t get too comfortable to collect their piles of money – the police are always nearby. Tap and click your way through the boss fights to fight the police. This is a never-ending cycle exploiting resistance, to become a trailer park idol game business tycoon!

Trailer Park Boys Apk

The Features Of Trailer Park Boys Apk

Facebook friends
Play the Trailer Park Boy Idol game with your friends! When you tap on your path to success, you can flash your cache on the global leaderboard. Show everyone a successful business and money tycoon boss that you are, bud! Challenge friends to live events like Trailer Park Wrestling and Zombie Trailer Park!

Idol game adventure with never-ending fun
Follow the characters through Comedy Cuteness taking inspiration from the Trailer Park Boys TV show. Never follow these cute drinks as you add new stories and games! As a boss, you build your business in Sunnyvale to become a business tycoon!

See your friends at live events
Enjoy the Clicker Idol game with free and addictive time-limited events. Play and tap through hilarious stories from Zombie Trailer Park and Trailer Park Wrestling to the Redhead Police Academy.

Trailer Park Boys Apk

Build a business that makes money and money
Click and tap to build your business and earn money with the residents of Sunnyvale. Completely tap and build businesses as trailer park connectors shop or build more dubious ventures such as Ricky’s Used Gas, Moneyvale Casino, and RC Vodka. Become a dirty money business tycoon!

Idol Game Tycoon Fune
Tap and join passive game fun where you collect cards and characters to raise money. While playing you are away and become a true passive game business tycoon boss! Fight your friends at live events like Zombie Trailer Park and Redneck Police Academy!

Join Trailer Park Boys Bubble, Ricky, and Julian in a passive game adventure to run Sunnyvale. Pull your rag-tag family together and become a business building tycoon to make more money than ever in this useless game Clicker Adventure – Let’s Go, Boys!

Trailer Park Boys Apk

What’s New in Recent Update?

Attention all Maf’ks!
We’ve been makin’ repairs in the trailer park. Here are a few things we’ve been duct taping and super gluing to help your fingers keep on tappin’
~ Daily Rewards… Coming this December!
~ Offseason workers will now be on the map screen… See those lazy jerks hangin’ out on your map when they’re not running your businesses.
~ Odds added to trunks
~ Bug fixes
~Bug fixes
~Bug fixes
~Daily Login Reward improvements
~Added characters to the map screen

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