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Game NameWolf Online Apk
Android Version4.1 and up
User Reviews4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Versionv3.3.0
last update
30 April 2020
Size 38 +117MB

What’s the Specialty of Wolf Online Apk?

Raise a wolf, only yours. The best epic wolf game! Wolf online

[Game overview]
A ferocious and fierce war ensues between the three wolf species. A real network survival game to survive not only from animals hunting for food but also from the fight against other wolf species for survival of their own species. “Wolf Online” is the best online animal game, followed by the “Life of the Wolf” series, reaching 5 million downloads worldwide. We are waiting for you now, the best wolf warrior, to join the fight.

Wolf Online Apk

[Game theme]
The hunt for wolves has begun for survival and prosperity. You can select a wolf out of Mountain Wolf, Snow Wolf, and Wild Wolf and take part in the hunt as a member of one of these packs. To survive in a dangerous, difficult hunting environment, you must hunt animals endlessly and master your own skills.

Furthermore, you can only accelerate if you win in a battle between species of wolves and gain confidence from your own wolf pack. In the hunting ground, which is distinct from the 6 characters, there are plant-eating animals such as rabbits, deer, and giraffes, but there are also many other scary animals and wild animals such as tigers, lions, and rhinoceros that can threaten and attack. You can.

When you meet monsters from legends, you should ask for help from your wolf allies because they will make your strong teeth and sharp claws useless. Your partner will come to you after hearing your crying.

If you are ready and all set, then let the wolves go to the hunting ground.

[Characteristics of species]
Mountain Wolf: Living in Stone Mountain, a rough and dangerous mountainous area, Mountain Wolf has the most balanced potential of the three species.
Snow Wolf: Snow Wolf, which lives in Snow Wolf, which is covered in cold snow and ice, is the fastest and most agile species when hunting.
Wild Wolf: Wild Wolf, which settled in a wildland of living and breathing souls of ancient animals, is notorious for being the most ferocious and aggressive of the three species.

Wolf Online Apk

The Main Features of Wolf Online Apk

1. The best real hunting game with three wolves species.
The harmonious Mountain Wolf, the cold and fast Snow Wolf, and the creepy and ferocious Wild Wolf. You can choose one from a total of 12 wolves, including 4 variants for each of the 3 species.

2. Different battle mode system
Hunting solo-hunting, fighting other wolf species (PvP), raiding wolf players around the world to defeat the dragon, etc.

3. The best wolf is always with his pack.
You can enjoy hunting animals and share food with other wolves of your species.

4. When you are tired, call your wolf friends immediately.
When you are very tired or in danger while hunting, you can immediately call your wolf friends around you through the network summon function.

5. Character development system through hunting
Attack, defense, speed, stamina and skill development system according to animal hunting and winning honors/credits.

Wolf Online Apk

6. Various animals from myths to prey and monsters
Vegetarian creatures such as rabbits, deer, giraffes; predatory animals such as lions, tigers, and bears; Monsters and creatures such as Cerberus, Vampire, Chimera, and Dragon.

7. Total 6 different fighter/hunting maps introduced
6 different, highly realistic combat/hunting maps with different geographical features and backgrounds: Snowstorm, Arkan River, Wildland, Combat Field, Dragon Lava, Stone Mountain

8. Other Functions
Energy supplement system through self and the dead body
Real-time multi-chatting function with other players online

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